Happy Clients
  • Steve W.

    Steve W.

    This is a review for Dr. Inna Manger at Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services.

    Dr. Inna has a kind ear, she is generous with her care, she is insightful, she is interactive, and she maintains a healthy forward-looking approach with treatment of animals in her care.

    My two dogs, Joshua (14.5 yrs) & TJ (4.5 yrs), both black Labrador retrievers, literally jump up at the opportunity to see Dr. Inna and literally can't wait to get out of the car and into her office. And, the best thing is that Joshua, who is receiving acupuncture from Dr. Inna for age-related mobility and general health, seems to have been given a second life.

    In addition to Western veterinary methods, Dr. Inna has a wonderful toolbox of alternative approaches, including many Eastern medicine methodologies. So, if you're looking for a warm and inviting veterinarian who combines an effective blend of modalities, Dr. Inna rises to the top.

  • Marlene Z.

    Marlene Z.

    After having TPLO surgery on one knee 3 years ago, my already anxious dog became very agitated at veterinary clinics. When he injured his other leg, a neighbor recommended Dr Magner. She came to our house for the first few sessions so he was more at ease. She practices a mixture of western and eastern medicine and she has a calming effect on Mack (the dog). He absolutely loves her. She is a very caring doctor and gave me lots of tips to help him get better faster.

  • Rayna B.

    Rayna B.

    On a recent visit, my niece noticed my cat, Chester, was limping. Chester had had a terrible accident as a young boy. He had surgery on his right hind leg, which gratefully saved his leg, but left him with serious arthritis, pain and restricted movement. My niece had been using the services of a Vet by the name of Inna Magner, who had been working miracles on one of her cats; she urged me to give Inna a call.

    I really do believe in a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. After all, acupuncture had helped my back in the past – why not a cat? So I called Inna, who was gratefully willing to come to my house. We started with weekly sessions, and have now pulled it back to every other week. I’m sure we will extend these visits out even more as time progresses, but I certainly hope to keep some kind of maintenance schedule for futures.

    Chester hasn’t limped once since Inna began helping us. Also, he has demonstrated some of the remarkably bouncy behaviors of his youth, such as climbing fences and going crazy at night chasing fictitious mice up the stairs.

    Inna uses acupuncture, laser therapy, and is well trained in all the normal Western medicines. Chester doesn’t seem to mind the treatments at all, and the result can be seen in his new-found bursts of energy. We’re both really happy with the results and plan to continue over time.

    Added to that Inna is a wonderful lady who is always calm and compassionate. She combines an holistic approach to preserve the health and well-being of our special little family members.

  • Kelly M.

    Kelly M.

    I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Dr. Magner during a routine vet visit seven years ago. My dogs, both of who were seniors and quite characters at times, were naturally put at ease by her caring disposition. Having experienced many vets, I automatically knew (and was continuously reassured throughout the years) that Dr. Magner’s attention to detail, combined with her medical knowledge and general interest in my dogs’ wellbeing set her apart.

    As my dogs had been long time patients of Dr. Magner for veterinary services, I was thrilled when she began offering acupuncture. Elly, my sweet 14-year-old girl, had a long list of ailments ranging from stress and arthritis to cancer. After attempting to treat Elly’s conditions with Western medicine, Dr. Magner suggested that Elly might benefit from acupuncture. The fact that Dr. Magner offers in home acupuncture, as well appointments at Banfiled Pet Hospital in Daly City made it very convenient, so I figured we had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

    Knowing that Elly was a nervous dog with a fear of needles, I was equally hopeful and apprehensive about this new course of treatment. However, as she had in the past, Dr. Magner went above an beyond to make sure Elly was comfortable by offering her treats and even playing music specifically composed for dogs! Consequently, even with her anxiety, Elly was able to make it through each acupuncture session with noticeable results. The evening after her second session she exhibited energy and agility that I hadn’t seen for ages, even going so far as to leap over a hedge (no easy task for a 55 pound senior dog with arthritis).

    In addition to the acupuncture itself, I was really impressed by Dr. Magner’s knowledge and care when it came to herbal consultation. Elly had many health problems, which made choosing the right medicine tricky in the past, but Dr. Magner took a significant amount of time in researching which herbs would be most beneficial to Elly. Each time we tried a new herb Dr. Magner provided me with detailed information about its ingredients and benefits and also carefully monitored Elly to see how her body was responding. While I was always hyper focused on the Elly ‘s most obvious areas of concern, Dr. Magner took a more balanced approach. She made sure to consider and understand all relevant factors including Elly’s more minor health issues and stress levels, as well as environmental factors, before selecting the best course of treatment.

    I always left these acupuncture sessions feeling confident that Elly was more comfortable and that she was in the hands of someone that truly cared about maximizing her overall health. Sadly, Elly recently passed away, but I have no doubt her quality of life was greatly enhanced by Dr. Magner’s acupuncture services. If you are considering acupuncture for a four-legged member of your family, I highly recommend Inna Veterinary Acupuncture – Dr. Magner truly made all the difference for Elly.

  • Emily C.

    Emily C.

    My pets have been seeing Dr. Magner since 2007, and we continue to see her because she always gives my pets the proper care they need and provide sincere, helpful suggestions based on the best interest of my pets.

    After Lovie (my Siamese cat) was diagnosed with cancer, she underwent chemotherapy. When chemotherapy was no longer an option, Lovie was beginning to grow weaker and also losing her appetite. Dr. Magner suggested acupuncture, as it could help stimulate her appetite. After a couple of sessions, I believed that Lovie seemed a bit more energized, and she did eat a bit more than before. Sadly, she succumbed to cancer.

    Yoshi, my 10.5 year old dog had a surgical treatment for ACL and luxating patellar on his right rear leg a few years back and recently started to limp on his left rear leg. He was also having a difficult time getting up from a resting position. In addition, his recent abdominal radiographs showed that he had an enlarged liver. Dr. Magner suggested acupuncture and herbal / joint supplements. Since the acupuncture seemed to help with Lovie, I welcomed the suggestion. To put everything in a nutshell, after a few acupuncture sessions and continuation of supplements recommended, I have observed Yoshi getting up with ease from a resting position and have not noticed him limping. It has almost been 2 months since the last session, and Yoshi is doing well, all thanks to Dr. Magner.

    Dr. Magner is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her work. She is kind, compassionate and gentle towards my four-legged family members. Dr. Magner is a wonderful Veterinarian who is able to explain procedures and give crucial information that has helped me make pet care decisions. Thank you for being such a great Veterinarian!

  • Linda M.

    Linda M.

    Dr. MAGNER has taken care of our two cavalier King Charles spaniels. Unfortunately, she detected heart problems in both of them. She also treated the youngest for pancreatitis. She is caring, knowledgeable and recommended treatments that, I am sure, extended their lives. She also performed acupuncture on the younger dog to relieve some of her heart problems. Once again, she prescribed herbs that increased her energy and helped her breathing.

    Their heart disease took them from us, but I am sure Dr. MAGNER gave them more time with us because of her great care. We are getting a new puppy soon, and we have already made an appointment for her to see him because of her excellent care.

  • Christina P.

    Christina P.

    I have known Inna for many years in having the pleasure to care for her dog at my dog daycare facility. She started practicing acupuncture and wanted to place her business cards at my facility to share other options that are available to care for our pets. I became very interested for my own dog who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma a year ago and was also having weakness in his back legs. She explained to me that with Chinese herb and acupuncture could really help him. Naturally, I wanted to try it, anything to help my dog. Although he was 13 1/2 years old, he had a lot of spunk left in him. During our first session, she did a full physical exam on him and explained everything she was doing thoroughly. She brought to my attention that his lymph nodes in his throat/neck area felt a little enlarged and suggested I do a biopsy. It turned out, he also had lymphoma, stage 4. To say the least, this made me very sad. Chemo wasn’t really an option. I was told maybe he had 3 months and how to keep him comfortable. But Dr Magner had another plan to help me and him. She continued with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, concentrating on specific areas and I started making him home cooked meals high in everything good for him.
    He did AWESOME! He had great energy, a great appetite, he walked with better ease and comfort….it was a relief how much the acupuncture and herbs were helping him. I know the home cooked meals he fully enjoyed too. I am forever grateful for all her help and care for him. Sadly, he passed away recently but I know his quality of life was to the fullest with all that she did for him.

    Thank you Inna for all that you did for Playboy and for me!

  • Staci D.

    Staci D.

    I have to say that Dr. Manger has literally changed my dog Sugar’s life.
    Between the early diagnosis and her acupuncture Sugar is a new dog

  • Alla K.

    Alla K.

    Dr. Magner cares for my two senior cats. She also, as it is, cares for me, that is, provides quiet support to me as my cats caregiver. She is compassionate and very resourceful, and also very organized. It is so much better to have a doctor come to see the pet patient at home. She is focused on the cat when she visits – but she also has an amazing follow-up that keeps me reassured and guided.
    After a visit, she would send a report with all the notes, numbers, and recommendations. It is also reassuring that she has a number of conventional and alternative options in stock, so that we keep trying to make it a little easier for my cats to enjoy their day as much as their fragile health allows. I understand that she invests a lot of time and energy into professional growth, and embraces new technologies to be able to offer more pathways to healing.
    Most important for me though, I feel that as a vet, she cares in the full sense of this word.

  • Gail H.

    Gail H.

    My precious baby, Chloe, and I are fairly new to Dr. Magner. We began acupuncture treatments about two months ago. Chloe is 14 years old, blind and suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, which has left her weak, her appetite poor and low energy. Chloe has nearly died twice and theses relapses have set us back a great deal. We had very good results from acupuncture previously so wanted to try again to see if we could improve Chloe’s quality of life. We began weekly acupuncture treatments with small needles and b12 injections.

    Dr. Magner has been incrediblle with Chloe. Not only is she very gentle and caring with her but she has provided invaluable advice on other treatments in addition to the acupuncture that we have done that have contributed to Chloe’s remarkable improvement (i.e. To prevent stomach ulcers from the prednisone, improved her appetite, given much more strength to her legs and to give Chloe the benefit of touch around her face to prevent her from walking into objects). She is a wealth of knowledge and information. Chloe is now walking with much more energy, strength, confidence and eagerness.
    Her appetite has improved and she feels better, happier and more willing to walk around now instead of just standing waiting for me to pick her up.

    I’m so grateful to have Dr. Magner caring for Chloe.

  • Anat, K

    Anat, K

    We have a five years old Alaskan Malamute, and we started to work with Inna a few months ago. Our experience of working with Inna is nothing but great. She is very professional and attentive, trustable and available on the phone or email for any question we might have.
    Her house visits are so much better than taking our dog the the vet office. It is always in a clam and familiar environment, which makes the dog very easy to treat as well. We had to take some blood test and run a few other test, and everything was so easy and quick. Inna is a true animal lover. You can feel it in the minute she comes to your house.

    You will not regret having Inna as your pet vet!

  • Julie E.

    Julie E.

    My cat Patches (now almost 19!!) was told by her orthopedic at a specialty practice about 2 years ago that there was nothing more she can do for her, but to keep her comfortable as much as I could for as long as I could. I went into the bathroom and cried. She suggested possibly acupuncture.

    Desperate to do anything I eventually found Inna. Her kindness, gentleness and passion for what she does is obvious!. My cat has had a stroke, has hypertension, now diabetes but still loves her life! But if she could no longer walk there would be nothing I can do but the obvious.

    Inna Veterinary is the reason she is still alive in conjunction with some amazing homeopathic supplements by the NHV line.

    It’s amazing what new, integrative medicine can do for the dedicated pet parents out there! This is even covered under her Pet Insurance! Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Inna Veterinary Acupuncture provides house call services for dogs and cats throughout San Mateo, Foster City, San Carlos and the surrounding areas.

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