My availability for house calls is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-6:00pm and Saturday 9am-3pm once a month (please contact me for upcoming dates)

Integrative Services on Wednesdays

I am offering integrative services twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at:
251 N Amphlett BLVD, San Mateo, CA, 94401 (view on Google Maps).
Schedule is by appointment only. Please call to schedule.

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I understand that Inna Magner, DVM is a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Magner provides: veterinary medicine including acupuncture, advanced acupuncture, TCVM, herbal medicine, food therapy consultation, healthy pet/puppy wellness, pain management, Tui-Na, integrative cancer care, home euthanasia, routine lab work, vaccine and vaccine titers.
I understand that I should maintain my relationship with my regular family veterinarian for routine and emergency care. Inna Veterinary Acupuncture does not offer hospitalization, urgent care, surgery, dentistry or radiographs and will refer you back to your regular veterinarian if these are needed or desired. I understand that Integrative Care is not a substitute but is a complement to routine veterinary care, including dental care.
I understand that my own participation is essential in helping my pet. This includes but is not limited to providing appropriate physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional support, and routine medical care for my pet .
I understand that I am responsible for restraining and monitoring my pet during acupuncture so that the needles are not pulled out, eaten or shaken out.
I understand that animal practitioners always maintain the Hippocratic Oath to “above all else, do no harm” and work with the animals, not against them. This may mean that for some sensitive animals, subtle energetic techniques may be more appropriate than others. Remember: each session is individual and may involve fewer or more needles or different treatment options and be longer or shorter than other sessions.
I understand that Inna Veterinary Acupuncture always does her best to help patients and there is never a guarantee as to the outcome
I understand that if my pet is to receive any medications, herbals, and/or supplements, a current doctor/ patient relationship must be maintained by having an exam at least once every six months.
Let’s get real about cancellations: Stuff happens. It rains, we get sick, we want to flake off and hike or whatever. To stay in business and help pets for years to come, we need you to show up for your scheduled appointments or be available at the time of scheduled appointment. We schedule 60-minute appointments not including travel time, so if you cancel within less then 24 hours, we won’t be able to fill your time with someone else. Which means we sit around and wait when we could have been helping another animal. We charge $75 when you no show or late to cancel your appointment (less than 24 hours’ notice). Thank you for your understanding and consideration. By initialing here, you are agreeing to this charge and are giving us permission to charge your credit card or agree to pay this cancelation fee prior to your next visit.

One of the primary benefits of in-home veterinary care is that it is less stressful for most pets than going to a traditional vet’s office. This doesn’t, however, necessarily mean that the experience is entirely stress-free - especially for cats.

If you have a cat who tends to be skittish around strangers or doesn’t particularly enjoy being handled, having us come to your home to perform an exam can still be a bit frightening or overwhelming for your feline friend. To ensure that the appointment goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, keep these tips in mind.

Scheduling Your Cat’s Appointment

Schedule your cat’s appointment as far in advance as possible. While this isn’t possible in emergency situations, there is no reason to wait until the last minute to schedule a routine appointment. Scheduling early makes it easier to secure a time that works well for your cat. If your finicky feline tends to be friendlier in the morning, schedule a morning appointment. If he or she is more of a love bug later in the afternoon, schedule the appointment during that time. It will be much less stressful for your cat if we visit at a time when they are feeling open to attention.

Be as specific as possible about why your pet needs to be seen. We will use this information to determine if your cat needs urine, fecal, or blood testing. If such tests are needed, we will let you know what you need to do to prepare before my arrival.

If you expect that your cat will be aggressive or especially difficult to work with, please let us know so we can plan appropriately.

The Day of the Appointment

Try to keep the day of kitty’s appointment as stress-free as possible. Consider spraying a pheromone product - such as Feliway - in your cat’s environment to help keep stress at bay. Determine where in your home we will be performing the exam, and make sure there is a clean surface - such as a table or countertop - and plenty of light.

Thirty minutes or so before the appointment, place your cat in a secure area, preferably the same area where you plan on having him or her examined. If you need to place them in a crate, give them a blanket or a shirt with your scent on it to help them feel more secure. If you are able to secure them in a small room without a crate, make sure there is nothing that they can hide inside, underneath, etc. Having to remove your cat from a cupboard or pull them out from under a bed immediately before their exam is a certain way to increase their stress level and make the appointment more difficult for everyone involved.

Keep the area as calm and quiet as possible. Turn off televisions, stereos, etc., and consider dimming the lights until we arrive. Do not allow other pets or young children into the area as they can increase stress levels.

During the Appointment

In some cases, in-home veterinary care is less stressful for cats when their owner is not in the room. If you are not present, your cat will be more likely to bond with us rather than looking to you for help. While you may want to stay and comfort your feline friend, doing so could have the opposite effect.

Keep in mind that animals can pick up on our energy, too. If you are stressed out, your cat will likely be able to sense this and become stressed themself. For the sake of your kitty’s well-being, try your best to keep your emotions in check.