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Natural Pet Remedies | Food Therapy


This is another article in the series of Natural Pet Remedies | Food Therapy. Food therapy is one of the four major branches of TCVM, alongside acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Tui-na. It is the art and science of tailoring diet plans to individual patients based on their unique inborn tendencies, age, species, geographical location, personality and current disharmony or disease process.

A TCVM examination can determine if your companion animal has an Excess or Deficiency disorder (called pattern)Hot or Cold, Damp or Dry imbalance.

Whenever your companion pet suffers from a medical problem such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, seizures, renal disease, skin disorders, metabolic abnormalities, behavioral disorders to name few, TCVM examination can point to the underlying disharmony that may then be treated with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and further supported with the appropriately food therapy.

TCVM discovered that food has certain “energetic” properties. Some tonify Qi, blood, Yin or Yang. Some foods circulate Qi, circulate blood, dry damp, drain water, clear heat, warm the cold, or reduce toxicity. Food Therapy is an integral part of TCVM and is an ancient and well-researched system of health, healing and restoring balance.

Examples for pets benefiting from cooling food are these suffering from an inflammatory or an infection condition leading to build up of heat. Signs such as restlessness, redness, fever can be seen. Acute bloody diarrhea, vomiting, gingivitis/stomatitis (gums are red and bleeding) are just some examples. Other may show false heal, where the cause for heat is due to chronic lack of moisture.Many of these pets been on dry food the majority of their life. These pets will show general weakness, loss of body weight, dry coat, feet, cool seeking and panting and is very common in older animals.

Some example of cooling food: fast growing plants such as lettuce, high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, alfalfa, tofu to name few. I would love to assist you with Natural Pet Remedies | Food Therapy, please call me for a free consultation for you and your pet.

This is Pilpel.

She is 13 years old German shepherd mix and have been diagnosed with lymphoma the beginning of 2015. In order to support her whole body while dealing with chemotherapy, she was switched to 70 % of home cooked food to strengthen her immune system, Qi tonic food, support her joints and transform phlegm (cancer in TCVM). She is given acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs to help her deal with common side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs as well

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