How a Bay Area Mobile Vet Can Care for Your Pet


Some pets prefer to remain home in a comfortable and familiar environment. However, even these homebodies require veterinary care to remain happy and healthy, or assistance to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Fortunately for these pets, Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services offers a slew of at-home veterinary services as the leading Bay Area mobile vet.



What Services are Offered by a Bay Area Mobile Vet?

With a focus on holistic medicine, Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services offers a wide range of veterinary care services, encompassing all aspects of wellness, hospice, alternative, and end-of-life care to ensure your best friend is cared for with the utmost of skill and compassion. Our key services include:

By providing varied services in the comfort of your own home, your furry pal can enjoy relaxing veterinary care by a Bay Area mobile vet. We offer the typical services necessary to keep your pet healthy through wellness care, such as vaccinations, parasite screening and treatment, baseline blood work, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, urinalysis, and cytology. 

Whether an issue is discovered during your pet’s wellness appointment, or otherwise falls ill, we implement a balanced approach to treatment, healing, and nursing care. By using both western and eastern medicine theories, we can heal the body and provide long-lasting treatment by curing the problem instead of simply managing the symptoms. Learn more about the alternative therapies we provide by checking out our website and searching under “Services” for the method of care that will most benefit your pet.

Bay Area Mobile Vet Care

Does your furry pal feel more comfortable remaining at home for veterinary care? Or perhaps your large pet is difficult to get into the car for transportation. Regardless of the reason, Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services is here to help! As the top Bay Area mobile vet, we pride ourselves on delivering all the veterinary care necessary to keep your cherished companion happy and healthy during all stages of life. Please call us to discuss your best friend’s needs and to schedule an appointment.



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