House Calls During COVID: The Advantages for Both You and Your Pet


For more than a year, nearly all aspects of our daily lives have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyday things that we did without a second thought - like visiting a vet’s office - now require much more thought and consideration. Plus, many pet parents are hesitant to visit veterinary clinics because they are nervous about coming in contact with the virus. 

At Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services, we understand and are here to help. When you choose our in-home veterinary services, your pet will receive the expert care they need without visiting a brick-and-mortar animal hospital. To learn more about the benefits of mobile vet clinics during COVID from a compassionate house call veterinarian in the Bay area, keep reading. 

The Benefits of Choosing In-Home Vet Care During COVID

At this time, having a vet come to your home is less stressful and allows a safe alternative to taking your pet to the veterinary office. You will not need to worry about being away from your pet, not being able to directly communicate with the veterinarian and the staff. You will have time to address your concerns with the veterinarian during the visit. There’s time for reviewing prior concerns, too.

When you choose us for in-home vet care, you can rest assured that you and your pet’s health and safety are our primary concerns. We are sanitizing hands and equipment between house calls. Our staff has also been vaccinated against COVID-19 and wears masks when meeting with patients. We ask that you wear a mask, too. 

By scheduling a house call, you can get your companion the services they need with minimal risk. This is, of course, a much better option than putting your pet’s veterinary care off until life becomes more “normal.”

House Call Veterinarian Serving the Bay Area

As a house call veterinarian serving the Bay area, we would be thrilled to deliver the care your furry friend needs directly to your home. We provide a wide range of mobile services and are here to help you keep your dog or cat happy and healthy. Please call now to schedule an appointment or request additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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