Herbs and Acupuncture use in older dogs


Y is relaxing while receiving his monthly acupuncture treatment to support his liver and kidneys as well as reducing joint pain due to chronic cruciate tear.

Y’s very dedicated owner been also supplementing Ophiopogon, a Chinese herbal formula from Jing Tang herbals, used for Cushing’s disease.
Monthly adequan injections ( to support the joints).
Liver Happy, another Jing Tang formula used to support the liver.
Essential fatty acids, used for their cardiovascular and osteoarthritic benefits.

While acupuncture will not repair the cruicate tear, it reduces pain and allow Y to continue enjoying his golden years without the use of Rimadyl or other anti inflammatory pain medications. Y is a highly energetic 12 y old boy that is usually very nervous to come to the clinic, however, few minutes into the acupuncture session he managed to calm down and let go a bit.

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