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There are basically 2 types of lasers in the medical community. Surgical Lasers and Therapy Lasers.

Surgical Lasers are well known and can cut tissue precisely. This cutting is due to the higher power and heat generating effects resulting from a ” PHOTO-THERMAL Reaction.

Therapy Lasers are called ” Cold Lasers” to differentiate them from Surgical Lasers. They generate a PHOTO-CHEMICAL Reaction. Light energy in the violet to red area of the visible light spectrum has been found to induce physiological responses in cells via the activation of specific enzymes. This response is called BIOSTIMULATION.

Light energy of a specific wavelength , that is coherent (polarized) and focused, is absorbed by photoreceptors on cell membranes. The mitochondria ( cells “engine” so to speak) are stimulated to produce more ATP energy. A cascade of cellular chemical reactions occur which results in increased regeneration of cells and increased cell communication. This translates to enhanced tissue healing and decreased pain and inflammation.

This rehabilitation at the cellular level works best as an adjunct to other building blocks for healing.

Studies are supporting more and more that Low Power Laser delivers a myriad of benefits beyond decreasing pain and inflammation due to the cascade of cellular chemical reactions previously described. It promotes these responses in a manner that does not produce heat.

Erchonia laser system. The lasers received FDA Market Clearance in humans for relieving neck and arthritis pain ( 2002), as well as treating Acne ( 2004). In the human field, these lasers are used in burn units to enhance wound healing, sports medicine teams for enhancing performance, and many chiropractic and rehabilitation medicine clinics. With all the documented therapeutic results and no risk of causing harm, the decision was clear.

The Erchonia Laser used by Inna Veterinary Acupuncture is manufactured in the USA in McKinney Texas. It incorporates a wavelength of 635nm which is the wavelength researchers have found to be most effective at “speaking” to tissue cells. Low power at 5 and 7.5 milliwatts allows for the appropriate power to support Biostimulation without the risks of tissue heating and retinal damage. The linear beams allow for more contact with the area of involvement, as well as simultaneous application to nerve root or spinal segment for a more complete treatment response.

Extrapolating this to animals allows for applications to many common conditions, as well as abscesses, cellulitis, laminitis , tendonitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-operative applications, wounds, trauma, spinal cord injury, performance enhancement, the list goes on.


LLLT is used to rehabilitate at the cellular level, and is a great tool to use as an adjunct to other forms of treatment. The Laser treatments would involve 120-180 second ( 2-3 minutes) durations and up to 4 sets can be applied depending on what issues your pet may be dealing with. This set of treatment sessions may be repeated later that day to kickstart the healing. A protocol will be set up for repeat visits depending on the severity, or chronicity of the condition. Some conditions require multiple sessions. Typically 6 – 13 initial sessions are required in a treatment package for chronic conditions such as chronic osteoarthritis, post-op orthopedic conditions. Since many of these chronic conditions are in need of continuous management, a maintenance schedule of 1- 2 treatments every 2-4 months can prevent relapses.

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